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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Things have been super stressful over here at the Howard house. I would normally use this blog to get things off my chest or preach a sermon, but quite frankly I am tired of hearing myself complain.
Here is a trick I learned when going through the twelve steps...It helps me to focus on the good instead of the bad. I am hoping you will all comment with your own version. It is amazing to me how encouraged I feel when people share with me the things God is doing.

My Gratitude List:

1.jeremy howard...the most amazing and wonderful husband. thank you God for jeremy!

2.the shot clinic is opening up an extra day just to immunize my family.

3.my friend let me wash clothes at her house and I got a weeks worth of laundry done and read like 6 magazines :)

4.another friend from nor cal paid us a visit. gave us wonderful encouragement,books, and a financial blessing...THANK YOU!

5.the plane tickets are paid for.

6.we get to visit D.C. and stay with a childhood friend and meet her sweet family.

7.my kids are done with school.

8.i have the most amazing friends.

9.our passports arrived in three weeks

10.God sold our van! it is an amazing story, trust me...i will write about it later.

11.my precious fried took our family pictures and did the graphics for our magnets that we will be mailing out next week.

12.the 'h' family. praying and fasting for us.your support and encouragement is overwhelming!thank you thank you thank you.

13.for my church

14.dmv friends...wow.i hope you are reading this! i cant wait to tell you how many kids will be fed from your donation.

15.GOD. i am so grateful for your tender loving kindness. Your ways that are so much higher than mine. Your perfect plan. redemption- mercy- healing- favor- all for me. a sinner.

See. It totally works. I am already feeling better.
Maybe I will actually get some sleep tonight :)

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