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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pictures and Paint

Everyday we try do do something to work towards the goal of Africa. There is obviously much to do...
Tonight we took the kids to Costco to take their passport photos. They were so excited. The girls had to curl their hair and change their clothes. We will take the three blond kids on Friday to submit the paperwork for their passports. We have had a snag for the other three as their birth certificate requests were lost in Carson City. Praise the Lord I have that is squared away and I will be mailing the new requests off tomorrow morning. The lady in charge will have them to us in about a week. Again the night is bittersweet because I wish there was one more photo in the group. We are still praying God will smooth out the rough spots and heal the hurting places as we follow His leading. Keep our oldest son and both sides of his family in your prayers as you pray.

The next bit of news is rather embarrassing but I believe in full disclosure. If you have ever met me you know that I have fabulous hair. My amazing hair paintings have seen me through all of the darkest times in my life from the age of 23 to now. Steph B has kept me cool as I gained weight, grew older, added to my brood and even began driving a 12 passenger van. My hair has been my "crown and glory" and many times people stop me in public places to ask me where I get it done. I say all of this so you can know and understand my grief. Today I had my precious friend and hairdresser color my hair back to its natural color. How she knows what that color is I have no idea. But here I sit tonight with, ladies and gentlemen, one color hair. Well, as close to one color hair as I have had in like 9 years. Giving up this part of myself was painful. I know, I am shallow. But seriously. I cried.Thanks Steph. Thanks Costco photo center guy. Thanks Jeremy for not laughing at me while I grieved my loss. Thanks God for having everything under control.


  1. So excited to see your blog! I'll have to become a 'follower' from my blog to yours.
    I'll miss your hair too, but I am looking forward to seeing your new natural 'do' :)

  2. I don't think you look like any sort of nun! How about a hot Mom that could moon light as a strip pole dancer? Shake that thing and twirl those sexy brown locks!

    That 12 seat passenger van needs to make a stop in Northern Virginia...

  3. LOL! Savage. You crack me up. Praying for a visit to meet all the kiddos and hug you before we go.

    Clare. You are one the very few people I know who live the way God says to. Your life is such a testimony of your faith. Thanks for being cool as you love Jesus.



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