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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Congratulations!...it's a boy and a girl and a girl!

We are still waiting on Birth Certificates for the children that were just adopted. Somehow our paperwork was lost. It took about two weeks to confirm it was lost and to then gather the copies from DFS so it could be resubmitted. Then yesterday I touched base with the vital statistics worker in Carson City and she told me it would be another two weeks for them to be processed.


I am so grateful for what I have learned in my recovery process. Last year I would have just cried and gotten overwhelmed. This year I know how to ask for what I want! I realize many of you already know how to do this but for me it has not been so easy...
I explained to the nice lady we need passports to travel to Africa to be missionaries and she said...No Problem! I will type them up today and send them out first thing tomorrow.


Even though we have had our kids for about 3 years now I can not wait to have their birth certificates! It is the physical proof I need that we are done with the "system" and can move on with our life.

On that note I will shamelessly plug our amazing friends. Ray and Clare Biggerstaff are missionaries to Las Vegas. They have been a HUGE support to us through the roller coaster of fostering and adopting our kids. They have worked very hard to bring this informational meeting to people interested in fostering. If you have EVER felt the tug on your heart for something like this please consider attending. An informational meeting is just that...informational. Bring your laundry list of questions and concerns and ask the people who have the answers.

I pray that many of you will ...
Meet a need.
Share your Home.
Be open to what God has for your family.
Tangibly share the love of Jesus with our cities most vulnerable children.

We are so glad we did.

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  1. So excited you are getting the birth certificates. When I first started reading this, I thought "Why did she not tell them she realllly needed the passports and see if the lady can speed things up for her". So glad you read my mind and were assertive. Love you! =)



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