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Thursday, March 24, 2011


i cant pinpoint when it happened.

when my life became so different.

but it has changed so much.









all of those little letters....make up the life i live. the life my children live.

some days it is all consuming. other days i almost forget.

most days i am sure that the only three letters that really matter are:


He has a plan and a purpose.

He is Healer

He is Comforter

He has all I need

dont get me wrong. we do the appointments. we have a support team.

we get kicked out of sunday school and not invited to parties....grandparents are scared.



but we carry on. doing what we know to do. finding out what else we can do.

we love

we fight

we cry

we restrain...

we supervise

we explain the letters to the kids who have them and the kids who live with them

we will not be defined by this. we will not make excuses

we are working on it

we learn compassion

we learn to ask for help

we learn to not judge others because we dont know what they have been through

we find out we are strong

we find out we are weak

we find out WE ARE NOT ALONE

stupid letters are nothing compared to the GOD we serve.

and the kids we love.

and those who share this crazy this journey with us.

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